Updated : Oct 03, 2019 in Blog

Why does China have its own social media network?

Social media networks provide us a platform to connect in a global way with almost all of the countries that there are and be able to learn about their culture and different diversities. This generally increases overall knowledge of the general public about international news and accounts. However, apart from the whole world, there resides China. China has been denied access to the other globally used social networks by its government but they do have access to almost similar their own ones.

For example, instead of WhatsApp China has WeChat, instead of the usual twitter China has Weibo, even instead of the international Google search engine, China uses Baidu and Youku used for video streaming rather than YouTube.

Why is this so?

Rather than being suspicious, the fact that Chinese internet technical knows how to create applications which are more suitable for people in China specifically needs to be kept in mind before reviewing the topic in discussion. Now coming to the suspicion, yes the government has banned these global social networking sites because their own Chinese economy in the relative genre was suffering from losses. Without these international social media networks, Chinese internet companies can better formulate their own user-friendly applications to suit the residents of China better. However, it may also be evident to most that this action by the government is to avoid the leakage of sensitive government and political information.

The example of ebay.com can be taken to better portray the image here. ebay.com used to be the largest online shopping company at its time which was introduced to China in 2002, it also took 80% of the market share in the very first year only. But it did not realize that another company in the town known as the Alibaba was a potential threat, thus eBay did not stand well in front of the new market and failed in 2005.

Also, there was a time when people had free access to websites of great information such as the NY Times, Washington post and Google, etc but in the current situation it is not available anymore, this is a disadvantage to the Chinese citizens’ internet as well. Several media of the west yet are free of the blockages like the CNN and BBC but not a lot of Chinese citizens make use of it because it hardly concerns them, not to forget the strict English language rule on the western media.

Thus there are several reasons as to why China has its own Social media networks, cut off from the rest of the world.