Updated : Sep 30, 2019 in Blog

The Rise Of Tik Tok And Its Importance For The Brands

Tik Tok is an app which is getting attention by the people from all over the world for the last couple of years. The platform has the similar feature like the rest of the social media platforms which is the stories feature. Other features which are also adapted by the platform is the use of short videos. There are some other things which are associated with this platform that makes it on the verge of becoming the part of the big social media platforms.

The Rapid Growth :

In the year 2018 Tik Tok has been the top trending social media platform out there in the market. There were many videos from the platform which were getting famous, this led to the fame of it. The app has been downloaded over a billion times making it 663 million downloads just in the year 2018, the number has surpassed the great social media platform owned by Facebook which is Instagram. Instagram reached 444 million downloads in the previous year. The interesting part is that the report which has gained the statistics of these downloads do not include China so when this region is added in the report the number gets much higher than the remaining social media platforms. On the basis of just the U.S region the active users of Tik Tok are spending about 46 minutes per day on the app as comparison to Instagram users which spend about 53 minutes and Snapchat users spend 49.5 minutes per day. This shows that the platform is near all the top social media platform just in the U.S region alone.

For Brands :

When it comes to advertising for brands on the social media platforms, all the top platforms are doing an amazing job in that aspect especially Facebook and Instagram. The Tik Tok platform has started to do advertising for the brands in China. For U.S the company has started testing the ads framework according to some sources. Even for the Chinese version which is known as “ Douyin ” is also looking for different methods to utilize the ads marketing. The method the platform is looking for which does not ruin the experience of the app for the users. The ads placement has to be done in such a way that the users feel attracted to them but without pressurizing them to tap in the ads.

Smart Growth :

The best thing the platform has done is controlling the users’ safety in terms of any abuse or harassment. This can be done through selecting the keywords which are offensive so that those types of comments will not be visible to the user. Other options include that they can select the other user that he or she wants to duet with. Giving the complete controls to the users that how can they share their content and what type of feedback they want to see is totally up to the users.