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How To Induce Vomiting With Fingers In Case of Drug Overdose?

Making yourself throw up is a bad idea. Forcing anything on your body has adverse effects instead of any benefits. People who force puke are mostly those who lack self-confidence and view their appearance negatively. These people think that it will help them reduce weight but it can cause many disorders related to their health.

Throwing up is not always bad. In some cases it becomes essential to vomit but it is only beneficial if it is natural. For example if you are sick and the only way out is to puke, then it will help you for sure.

On the contrary a self-forced vomit doesn’t even hold a single health benefit. People who are at initial stage of this practice should ultimately get rid of it until it becomes a habit.

Induced Vomiting
Induced Vomiting

However, if after all of this someone still wants to puke forcefully then he can consider a number of options. It is not necessarily true that every person can rely on only one method. There are many alternative ways he can use if required.

  • Vomiting with finger:

This is one of the easiest way to make yourself vomit. You might wonder how to make yourself throw up with fingers. All it requires is just a finger hitting inside your throat. In order to use this method you have to go through a few simple steps and you will ultimately vomit in a few minutes.

  • First of all you should make yourself in a most comfortable position but for that you have to analyze whether you can do it on sink or puking in commode by sitting on your knees. For instance, for most of the population the best position is on their knees.
  • In the next step put finger inside your mouth and make sure that it touches your throat.
  • After you manage to reach your finger till deep throat, move your finger in a circular motion as well as back and forth motion.
  • A greater amount of saliva will start to gather into your mouth but continue the process till the vomit comes out.
  • Important things to consider using this method:
  • Foremost important thing in this method is to ensure that your hands are clean. If not then clean your hands before inserting finger in your mouth.
  • Secondly another crucial consideration is that your nails are properly trimmed otherwise it can cause serious consequences such as damage to your throat.
  • Thirdly if you are fond of jewelry, you might be wearing any of them in your fingers. In such a case you will have to take them off before starting the process.
  • Alternate methods:

In case if this method doesn’t work then you can go for many other options which are safe and has no side effects but if used on daily basis it can cause serious problems.

Induce Vomiting With Fingers
Induce Vomiting With Fingers

These alternative methods includes using a tooth brush, gargling with protein portion of an egg, drinking a water and salt solution, drinking decarbonized soft drinks etc.

Still it is important to keep in mind that it should never be made a part of everyday routine.

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