Updated : Oct 05, 2019 in Blog

How to get more followers on Instagram fast and cheap

Instagram is extremely important for e-commerce businesses. It’s important because Instagram users are more willingly to engross with companies on Instagram than on facebook. More than 2 third of Instagram users consistently engross with brands which is more than twice as much as facebook. When you have just started your online business it tends to be very exciting to imagine how you will sell your items through Instagram. It’s very hard to get your first 10,000 followers because nobody knows you. You have to prove yourself as a successful influencer of the brand. If you are a beginner here are certain ways you can get more followers on Instagram fast and cheap.

Join the Instagram engagement group

Have you ever noticed that the Instagram followers of some newbies are increasing rapidly with every passing day? What did they do differently which you have not done? They have joined the engagement groups. It will be seductive to join the engagement groups but the truth is that you will get a chance to stick to your niche something relevant to your product.

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Your profile has to be consistent

Find people around your niche and interact with them. The main reason behind this is that Instagram will associate your accounts with the other popular accounts. Make sure that your posts are relevant to your niche. If you are selling sports equipment you should post relevant to the sporty things likewise people are working out with some motivational quotes. Ideally, if you want to develop your own identity the best thing for your post is that choose a filter, and stick to it. As people will pass by your account they will identify you by your specific filter.

Elevate your hashtag

Your hashtag has to be very funny, ironic but not boring. Observations have shown that images with more than 11 hashtags perform the best. Search for the accounts which are similar to yours to search for the good hashtags, or there are some apps like focal-mark which will generate a hashtag for you. When you will input the content of your photo. Develop your own style. It’s human nature that they want to fit in but on Instagram, you have to stand out.

Have an active Instagram story at all times

Your stories appear at the Instagram explore pages at different locations with different hashtags. People who don’t follow you they will be able to watch your stories, and if they like what they see then they will visit your profiles, and follow you. So don’t forget to add location and hashtags if you want your story to appear in public feed. Stories are the best way to get the newest followers, especially during an event. This is an ideal way to increase your Instagram followers.

Create good captions

Another way to increase your followers is to create good captions. Ask your followers questions engage them by asking them about their thoughts. You might say them to share their thoughts in the comment section.

If you follow these above tips on how to get Instagram followers fast and cheap you will hit 10,000 followers in less than 4 months.