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Everything you want to know about Brittanya Ravazi

Brittanya Ravazi is an American social media personality and TV actress. She is also a businesswoman and owns a clothing line named as 187 Avenue. She is most famous on Instagram as she has 10 million followers on this platform. Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about Brittanya.

Early life:

She was born at Oxnard in 1985 and she is the youngest of five. Her childhood was full of hardships as her father was sentenced to jail when she was just 15 years old. Her mother grew her up with her 4 other siblings.

Personal Life:

Her birth name was Brittanya O’Campo. Brittanya Razavi had a troubled childhood and she lived with her mother when her father was sent to jail. She started doing a job at the age of fifteen to help her mother and live a good life. She has been a lot of controversies when she was living a troubled life. She had attacked a woman with a chalice and Razavi was sent to jail for 6 months. She was dating with a boy named Nick before her marriage but their relationship did not last long. Then she dated with Moe Razavi and they both tied the knot in a private ceremony. It was a completely private affair where only their close friends and relatives were invited. They are living a very happy married life. The couple has two kids together, both are sons named Cask King and Legend King. But there are some rumors speculating that the due has 5 children. But Razavi always posted the photos of their two kids on Instagram.

Career & net worth:

Brittanya Razavi made the headlines when she grabbed the attention of people on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. She became a social media star and got famous due to her videos and photos. Her videos created a buzz and made her an internet sensation in short order. In 2010, she appeared in a TV reality show (Rock of Love Bus and Charm School) and earned a lot of money. With the debut in the TV industry, she got a break to feature on the cover page of a famous magazine that gave her more popularity. She became the most desirable face for the magazine and brands.

As a beginner in the modeling industry, she faced a lot of hardships to become famous. But being an amateur model, she managed to get featured on the cover pages of 8 big and famous magazines in just 8 months. She was featured as a cover girl on some magazines such as Rebel Ink, Savage Tattoo, MMA and many more. Brittanya also did venture in fashion designing with acting and modeling successful career. She owns her own clothing line. Her business not only gives her more fame but also rank up her net worth. She is also the author of book ‘Millionaire self-talk’ which is a complete guide for those who want to get some motivation to achieve their daily goals. She has $10 million net worth in the year 2018.