Updated : Sep 17, 2019 in Blog

5 Professional Brand Management Tips for Doctors

More likely, medical professionals do not have that much in common, and their plans may differ. But, they search for similar things: influence, respect, recognition, and success. This is where branding also plays a vital role.

What makes branding highly valuable for physicians? It does not only inspire influencers and champions but also…

  • Establish credibility and credentials
  • Improve professional and personal satisfaction
  • Boost professional referral rate and confidence
  • Extend public awareness and visibility

Below are 5 branding tricks that most pros advise especially for the aspiring ones.

Make a clear value proposition

What kind of medical service can you offer for your patients? What will they gain from investing their resources in your medical practice? Do you cover general medical service, or solely focus on a single service? Make a simple and concise answer to create your value proposition. You can try to experiment with the value proposition you want and revise it once in a while. This will serve as your outline for all of your efforts.

Connect and keep connected

The connections you make will offer a huge development of your brand. You should not only connect with your patients regularly but with new connections as well. Keep in touch and stick to your promises. Though building a network takes enough amount of time, the benefits you will gain are exceptional. Make yourself always available to your patients, organizations, and peers. Ask plenty of questions and listen.

Create a group of influencers

If you want to brand your medical practice and be influential, you may consider creating a circle of influencers. You may feel a bit awkward inviting yourself into the crowd of “the well-known people”, but this is not impossible with the use of social media.

How to get started? Simply request for post opportunities, invite specialists to contribute to your content, shake hands and exchange business cards at events, publish lists such as blogs or books you have read or build your communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and any social media platform like Instagram. Even you can partner with influencers on this platform or buy active Instagram followers to get exposure.

Build a website

Millions of people are using the internet for various purposes, such as looking for reliable healthcare professional. However, there are potentially one or two reasons why some doctors don’t have a website yet, either they find it intimidating or they are afraid to spend too many dollars. Good thing there are simple guides you can find online to help you create a website for your practice. Take advantage of this trend to reach local and global clients.

Be patient

Even if everything is settled according to your agenda, you cannot expect an overnight result. It will take you time to create a lasting brand. So, patience is highly important and must be practiced. Resist your urge to always change your message mainly because it doesn’t produce a response in the first month. Remember, consistency will serve as your key to a long-lasting brand.